About Us

As part of The Laughing Labyrinth team, Esther and Elizabeth use their extensive personal experience with trauma work and self-healing to offer an intuitive and authentic approach that prioritises feelings of safety combined with deep healing transformations, all delivered with the straightforward humour of Yorkshire lasses.


Esther is a trained facilitator in both family and karmic constellations and has been working in the field for over 5 years. Her innate way of being is based in shamanic and intuitive energy work, as she draws upon a knowledge of the metaphysical and mythic to inform all her offerings. 

Originally focused on theatre and acting, Esther retains a deep love of storytelling and the power of imagination, that helps her to reframe personal life scripts and shift perspectives to incorporate a wider, universal connection. Always looking to expand, Esther is also trained in Inner Dance facilitation and the use of Tarot cards, and she compliments her work with a broad spectrum of holistic learning.

When time allows, Esther also practices Tai Chi and Qi Gong, plays Dungeons and Dragons with her friends, listens to an eclectic mix of music genres and plays the saxophone.


Elizabeth is a certified TRE provider, with over 5 years experience in body work and a lifelong interest in the human form and how bodies move, function, and repair. As a highly empathic and super sensitive individual, Elizabeth is focused on finding practical solutions that support everyday life and allow people to feel embodied and safe in their human experience. All her work promotes connection and integration, and her approach is to meet people where they are at while allowing for individual expression. 

Elizabeth also has additional training in Compassion Key, Non-Personal Awareness, and Inner Dance facilitation, as well as a wide background of knowledge in holistic therapies.

Often found wandering the woods and moors of the Colne Valley, Elizabeth is also interested in various forms of movement and dance - but is equally partial to curling up on the sofa watching old black and white movies!