“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop” - Rumi.

Systemic Constellations (also known as Family Constellations) is a holistic therapy addressing intergenerational and systemic trauma. Rather than treating symptoms, constellation work encourages us to uncover the roots of our problems by acknowledging the role our environments, cultures, histories, and ancestors play in shaping our health and wellbeing. When we view ourselves not as isolated individuals, but as parts of an interconnected system with other human beings, we gain insight into how inherited trauma can impact our everyday lives.

Benefits of Systemic Constellation Work include:

• Increased empathy and compassion for yourself and others

• Healthier communication and relationships

• Powerful emotional release

• Insight into relational dynamics

• Connection to self and others

• Releasing blockages, burdens, and unconscious loyalties

• Positive behavioural change

• Improved intuition

• Understanding of systemic dynamics and how they impact our lives

• Clearing the impact of intergenerational trauma

• And more...!

What to Expect

In a constellation session, coloured fabrics are used to represent the different aspects of a system, for example different family members. Using these representations, a visual map is then created to explore and interact with the dynamics of the system. A combination of intuitive energy work, healing techniques, and ritual are used to resolve tension and imbalance, encouraging the client to release unhealthy attachments and move towards a place of harmony.

Often, constellations are held as group workshops, where participants represent in a single client’s system, but they can also be experienced as 1 to 1 sessions between client and facilitator if this is preferred.

The magic of constellation work is best experienced to be understood. If you are new to the work and wish to know more, I recommend attending a group workshop as a representative to get a sample of what constellations are all about.

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