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Esther and Elizabeth welcome you to The Laughing Labyrinth; a mother/daughter team offering a variety of workshops and holistic therapies, in and around the Colne Valley, focusing on mental health and trauma work.

Walk the Labyrinth

 Found in human society for more than 4000 years, the labyrinth has crossed countries, cultures, and religions to spread across nearly every continent in the world. The labyrinth remains a richly layered and powerful spiritual symbol that is accessible by all.

Unlike a maze, which is a puzzle with multiple choices of direction that is designed to be confusing, a labyrinth has one singular path to the centre and back. Though the journey may be circuitous and winding, it is impossible to get lost in a labyrinth. As Lauren Artress says: 

“A maze is designed to make you lose your way, while a labyrinth is designed to help you find your way.”

Symbolically, labyrinths represent journeys both literal and metaphorical, charting a path inward to our centre and back out again into the world. Whilst walking a labyrinth you are invited to surrender yourself to the meandering but purposeful path, encouraged to quiet the mind and focus only on the next step in front of you. In this way, labyrinths serve as an excellent metaphor for healing work – a spiralling inward journey full of frustrations and disorientation, that with trust and patience (and a little good old-fashioned legwork), we can arrive at our destination transformed.

(And why laughing? Because healing work, like life, should never be taken too seriously.)


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